Elizabeth "Liz" Egan Gillies[1] (born July 26th, 1993) is an American actress, singer, and dancer. She is best known for her role as Jade West on the hit Nickelodeon show, Victorious. In an interview, Liz says she is "really funny" and that she "makes up characters" . She also says she is "very weird". Her co-actress and best friend, Ariana Grande also Liz loves photography.

  • She was born in Haworth, New Jersey She is a vegan, She is allergic to gluten. She has "a vegan/gluten free English muffin with bananas & agave every morning"
  • She and Ariana Grande both passed their driving test on June 13, 2012.
  • She played the role of Lucy in the Broadway musical 13 along with Ariana Grande, who played Charlotte.
  • Her height is said to be about 5'7 (1.70 m).
  • Even though she mostly works in Los Angeles, she still lives in Haworth, New Jersey.
  • Liz says that her dream role would be to play Alice Ripley's character Diana in Next To Normal.
  • She said in an interview that she likes playing Jade because she is constantly changing, saying "I could never play a monotonous mean girl" and "I would just die if I had to play a one dimensional....mean girl."
  • Her favorite dessert is her grandmother's apple pie
  • She says she'd like to have two or three kids someday and is really good with them.
  • Her worst fear is getting stuck in an elevator.
  • She is double-jointed.
  • She loves llamas.
  • She is the only one of the main cast who has ever been to a school prom.
  • When she was younger, she auditioned for America's Got Talent, but was rejected.
  • She is afraid of wasps
  • Her favorite character from the musical Rent is Angel.
  • Her dad owns a band.
  • her dream is to win an Oscar.
  • She can play piano/keyboard.
  • Liz currently voices the character of Daphne on Nickelodeon's show, Winx Club.
  • When she was 14 years old, she played the character of young Jenny on The Black Donnelly's in 3 episodes.